Markets of Thalassa

This sprawling market port city is the home of the thriving Panion Seafarers. These well-connected crustacean amphibian people swim their aqueduct systems and command mighty Tide Eater trade fleets. Sworn enemies of the parasitic Brigand's Bay pirate lords who hijack their ships and kidnap dignitaries for ransom, can the Panion’s free trade culture endure constant assault from thieving brigands?

Ver'delf Forest

Once a wood elven paradise, this twisted forest bears the scars of conflicts ancient and emerging. Long ago, the Ver'delven elves suffered relentless persecution from the southern Petram ogres. In vengeance, the elves made a dark pact at the mighty Tower of Pericu'lum to mind control the brutes and used them as a mighty force to invade the world. Half the land now twisted by the Plague of Do'lor, sins of the past may yet return.

The Port of Sa'nubis

A mile below the levitating Arcane City of Sa’nubis sprawls its glistening port hub of maritime commerce. Bustling with innovation and free enterprise, this is the place to invest your gold in exotic Caelum Sha elven spices, rare Molten Reaver armor, or even the latest exploding gadget from the steampunk city of Protencio. Your much anticipated shipment should have been here yesterday… are those pirate sails on the horizon?!

The Whispering Plains

An exotic land of breathtaking vistas, the Whispering Plains is home to the twelve nomadic tribes of the Hemanawa. Each tribe blessed with the ability to shapeshift into a unique animal, their peaceful way of life is continually threatened by the ruthless Scaled Spire Orcs raiding their northern holy lands, and the marauding Mutar’ib Centaurs encroaching the south. Can you preserve tranquility as evil draws closer?

Sunken Empire of Si'rena

Deep under the Ocean of Stars the sunken empire of the Si'renian mur-elves glistens like a reclusive jewel preserved from ancient times.

Their longevity enhanced by their proximity to the fabled Vitol'seon World Tree is increasingly threatened by the steampunk pollution of Protencio, as they strain to protect their culture from the monsters of the dark abyss below.

The Pore'hu Jungle

This vibrant land of savagery and beauty is home to many peoples. Indebted for an ancient act of goodwill, the feline Leenon are sworn to protect the defenseless pygmy Ngahere, who heal the land and pilgrims who seek them.

Wracked by civil war and betrayal, the sentient races vie for control of the treetops, while monstrous beasts rule the jungle floor below.

Is it worth risking your life in a journey to seek the healing you need? Only the bravest adventures will find out...

The Hōti Desert

A scalding ocean of sand and bone as far as the eye can see, the exotic Caelum Sha elves have channeled lush oases to carve the thriving port city of Telluma Sha.

Threatened with marauding centaurs to the north, and enigmatic insectoid Simex'id to the south, adventurers seeking ancient power and treasure in these lands risk their ultimate doom.

Molten Reaver Heights

A raging land of fiery conflict between the devout subterranean Molten Reavers who won their freedom from slavery, and the passionate Ignium Dwarves bitter over their loss.

A land famed for its mysterious "Ignium Span" bridge, that weighs the purity of intent of those who attempt to cross.

The eruption from the Scar of Dolor sundered the land and warped physics, with tainted lava spewing from floating mountain shards. Can there be peace in a land of such scalding hate?

The Imperium Peaks

High in their floating golden ring cities live the avian "Lux" peoples.

Proud and opulent, their worship of tradition over truth led to a bloody revolution that destroyed one of their seven holy cities, and the exile of Father Geno.

What deep secrets do such heavenly peaks hide?



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