In the Beginning, El Shaddai created the cosmos, and the realms of Terrath. And he saw that it was good. He spoke, and light was born.

He breathed and formed the three Radiant Paragons, Mellator the warrior, Guntius the messenger, and Luxian the luminary.

Three beings of pure righteousness, who took the form of mighty dragons, and were charged to guide His righteous creations to glory.

Ages passed, and you were born - and your story, will change the world...


Ages after El Shaddai created the cosmos, Luxian, the most ambitious of His three Radiant Paragons pushed beyond his calling into selfish pride. In his hubris, Luxian marshalled his legions in a coup against his Father and brothers. The war raged, and El Shaddai in his ultimate sorrow cast Luxian and his corrupted legions out of Glory, and into the darkness the usurper craved.

Furious at his loss, Luxian remains determined to corrupt his Father's creation for all eternity, while the forces of Righteousness await the prophetic day a hero will rise to restore the Spirit connection to El Shaddai that was lost.


In the world’s darkest hour, the armies of Terrath united to assault High Arcanist Iricon Soll’s impenetrable darcanist-empowered Tower of Pericu’lum. Legions of brave soldiers were lost in night after night of demoralizing combat.

Towering arcane golems crushed wave after wave of champions until a small group of elite heroes led a renewed charge inspired by Father Geno’s prayer to El Shaddai, breaching the tower’s defenses and making a way in for the final confrontation with the High Arcanist himself…

High Arcanist Iricon's Solace

High Arcanist Iricon Soll's tragic life was blessed with rare sparks of radiant joy. One such moment was the celebration of his prodigious daughter Anza's acceptance into the priestly order of Sa'nubis, the youngest in history.

Following the tragic deaths of his daughter, and his wife Viria, even this cherished memory was not enough to slow his eventual descent into wrathful despair against El Shaddai and Ari, whom he condemned for failing to protect his beloved family.

High Arcanist Iricon Redeemed

In the world’s darkest hour as the savage battle raged below, our brave heroes ascended the dreaded Tower of Pericu’lum to confront High Arcanist Iricon Soll. As their minds withstood his barrage of nightmarish attacks, our heroes discovered his only weakness.

In the decade since the tragic death of his daughter Anza, Iricon knew only pain and fell into despair. Our heroes chose to join with Sister Ari, Sanctus, and Father Geno to break Iricon of his despair and offer the prayerful healing of El Shaddai his soul desperately needed. As he prepares to stand trial for his crimes, may there yet be hope for him?


The pulsing heartbeat of Terrath is its diverse array of characters driven to grand adventure! From the sly feline jungle Leenon, to the mysterious arcane elves of the Ver'delf Forest, from the proud steampunk Protencio Warriors to the savage Troll Fer'juul Warlords, the vibrant world of Terrath is a rich canvas for you to paint your heroic adventure upon!



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