Ogre's Crag Battle Map

Dominating the far southern reaches of the Ver’delf Forest lumber the towering Petram Ogres. Their intelligence hampered by generational curses of the fallen Paragon dragon Luxian, they are desperate to gain the respect of the other races, and often invade neighboring lands hoping to impress with their strength of might when their strength of mind falters. How do you earn respect?

Snowswept Camp Battle Map

As you and your band of heroes shiver through the Frozen Wastes of Odi’am, you make camp for the night against the bitter cold. Tensions run high as you hear whispers in the woods around you. Your eyes dart back and forth as you feel your coin pouch containing your mother’s ring lifted from your belt behind you, footprints leading into the forest! Is recovering your sacred heirloom worth the risk?

Paragon's Rest Story Map

Hidden in the mountains of the frozen north remains one of the few places untainted by mortal ambitions. When not tending to the needs of the spiritual realm, Guntius, the Radiant Paragon of Truth often finds some solace in his den, where he chronicles the timeless Truth of El Shaddai for posterity. He ponders the mystery: to help mortals who refuse truth, what form must he take?

House of E’spris Orphanage Story Map

The devastating wars of Terrath have left many innocent children orphaned. The saving grace to many of those children has been the House of E’spris Orphanage, founded by Sister Ari, with the help of Father Geno. Always ready to welcome the abandoned with open arms, this haven floats high in the sky among the Arcane City of Sa’nubis’ ever expanding philanthropic efforts. Where do you go in your time of need?

Pact'um Sanctuary Story Map

In times of desperation, famine, and war, the lost souls of Terrath have always found sanctuary at the Pact'um Monastery. Established by the lone monk Father Pax ages ago, this humble place of solace has grown into a sprawling compound of charity, holy teachings, and a place of new beginnings to those desperate to leave their troubled past behind them. What heavy burdens do you need lifted?

Shrine of the Fallen Story Map

Of the devastating wars that have been fought between the savage Scaled Spire Orcs, and the devout avian Lux Imperium, none were so brutal as the Siege of the Spires. As fire rained down from heaven from the breath of dragons, all that remained was the mourning of two shattered peoples. With the final life lost in Penumbra’s Pass enshrined in this somber place, will the cycle of hatred be renewed?

Dragon Darkmother's Lair Battle Map

Seething in the onyx Scaled Spires mountains schemes the dragon Darkmother, daughter of the fallen Paragon Luxian. As the land around her gushes rivers of the toxic black blood of the earth tainted by the malice of darkanist corruption, she commands her orcish Scaled Legion clans to compete for her temporary favor, raiding the lands and returning with heads of kings. Can you withstand her wrath?

Mutar’ib Centaur Raid Battle Map

As you and your caravan travel north through the scorching Hōti Desert to provide humanitarian aid to the elves devastated by drought, you hear a shifting of rocks on the cliff ledge above you! Your heart stops as you hear the dreaded battle cry of the Mutar’ib Centaurs, desperate to claim your lives and supplies for themselves! Will you stand strong, or be lost into the sands of time?

Grimuck Swamp Battle Map

Sloshing through the humid mire your heart stops as you feel something slither around your ankle… You grip your weapon preparing to strike! You spin around just in time to see an affable reptilian fisherman yank on his pole tearing a hungry blood eel free from your leg! He cheerfully invites your heroic company to his hut for arcane gumbo, but what is that deep bellow in the water behind you?

Frostspike Citadel Battle Map

Deep in the ominous north broods the dreaded Frozen Wastes of Odi’am. This desolate tundra is the graveyard of ambitious empires, and the doom of brave adventurers seeking forbidden fortune. Legends speak of rune-empowered Viking warships descending from the clouds to raid caravans, and footprints of frost giants larger than entire battalions. Will you achieve glory or a frozen tomb?

Ver'delf Forest Ambush Battle Map

Beware the western edge of the Ver’delf forest! The destructive cataclysm that burst forth from the Scar of Do’lor tainted the nearby land, creatures, and physics alike. Entire elven populations fell to its corruption, leaving a power vacuum that merciless crime lords and ogre tribes have been quick to take advantage of. Traveling the eerie roads, will you be able to detect an ambush before it is too late?

Molten Cavern Battle Map

Deep under the scalding volcanoes of the north, the devout Molten Reavers battle remnants of the furious Ignium Dwarves bitter over the aftermath of the war that liberated the Reavers from slavery. The cataclysmic “Scar of Dol'or” disaster has warped the lava flows to bend physics and twist the land and monsters that roam the deep. When the earth itself rages against you, can you handle the heat?

Dreadasaur Chase Battle Map

As you gaze up at the impossibly tall tree canopy of the lush Pore’hu Jungle, you feel the creatures of the wild around you grow eerily silent. The earth trembles as massive footsteps thunder behind you. Your heart stops as the cataclysmic ROAR of the towering dreadasaur shakes you to the core! Can you and your band of adventurers outrun this monster before tumbling off the cliff ahead?

Port of Sa'nubis Story Map

A mile beneath the levitating Arcane City of Sa'nubis thrives its vibrant bustling trade ports. Humming with mercantile ambition, the wide variety of ships and races that frequent these docks celebrate the open trade and innovation fostered by the free city above. Are you brave enough to set sail while the shadow of Brigand's Bay pirates to the north threaten your life & loot?

Chamber of Mind Puzzle Map

Now as you ascend the arcane labyrinth of the elven Tower of Pericu’lum, you are confronted by a mysterious chamber. Above an ominous red orb, you see your memories and nightmares swirl like smoke, mixed with foreign visions you do not recognize. Glowing white cubes rest upon tables around the room. Are you brave enough to untangle and confront the pain of your past, to save your future?

Hall of Heroes Story Map

The tragedies of war often result in the death of heroes. The Hall of Heroes, an ancient place of worship to El Shaddai, was levitated free of the Imperium Peaks during the revolution, and now provides solace to the reverent people of the floating Arcane City of Sa'nubis mourning their beloved lost. What do you wish you could have said before your loved one passed?

Darkfang Descent Battle Map

Deep in the shadows of the Pore'hu Jungle, the treacherous Pardus tribe schemes to infiltrate the peaceful Ngahere people and steal their sacred knowledge. Those bearing the mark upon their forehead have been "blessed" with keen senses and strength, but at the cost of their soul. Will you survive the depths of their dark cave labyrinth, or be lost in the abyss?

Coinmaster's Court Story Map

High above the heavenly snow-capped Imperium Peaks mountains glistens the floating golden ring capital city of Mor'eth. With a greedy grip upon the Imperium Treasury, the gaudy Lux bureaucrat Coinmaster Menides schemes revenge against his devout rival, Father Geno, for earning the honored devotion Menides could only dream of stealing. What terrors will jealous wrath bring?

Telluma Sha Market Story Map

Urgently racing to decode clues to your beloved friend Ari's dire abduction, your trusted elven guide Sef Noticia leads you to the exotic desert Telluma Sha Market. Through the overwhelming sights, sounds and aromas of the hectic bazaar your eyes dart between the faces of countless suspects! Can you uncover the dastardly informant before it's too late?

Informant's Refuge Story Map

As you unravel the treacherous mystery of your beloved friend Sister Ari's abduction, wouldn't it be nice to have some solace from the sand storm? Enter the warm and welcoming home of the Noticia family. Streetwise with hearts of gold, mama Koria and her adorable daughter June host you graciously, awaiting papa Sef's return with dire news...

Battle of Pericu'lum Adventure Map

In the world’s darkest hour, you and your heroic battalions have united to assault High Arcanist Iricon Soll’s impenetrable darcanist-empowered Tower of Pericu’lum. Towering arcane golems stare down at you, crackling with a savage red energy ready to obliterate you and everyone you love. Do you have the might and mind to breach the defenses?

Ngahere Treetop Village Story Map

The enigmatic Ngahere pygmy tribe dwelling high in the towering treetops of the Pore'hu jungle are small in stature but large in heart. After fleeing the cataclysm that transformed their lush paradise into the Salt Hives, these kind-hearted sages now welcome yearning pilgrims from around the world, teaching them the ways of healing mind, body, soul, and land, precariously perched above the terrifying dinosaurs on the jungle floor below. In a world wreathed in darkness, what healing do you seek?

The Wise Owl Inn Story Map

Tired after a long journey? High in the clouds floats the majestic Arcane City of Sa'nubis, founded by the wise Lux revolutionary, Father Geno. A haven of refugees and heroes of all backgrounds, the boisterous hosts of the Wise Owl Inn extend you a helping hand and favorite drink while you share your latest story of grand adventure! What tales will you tell?

Chamber of the Lost Battle Map

Hidden deep beneath the scalding dunes of the Hōti desert's Obelisk of the Lost, lurks an ancient chamber of unimaginable power. Living sand constructs protect the legendary Soul Engine, a device that is rumored to be able to extract life essence for nefarious means. Can you muster the strength and strategy needed to rescue Sister Ari before it is too late?

High Arcanist's Spire Battle Map

Built by the elves ages ago on a powerful arcane ley line to study the glories of the cosmos, the impossibly tall Tower of Pericu'lum was eventually corrupted into a conduit of mind control during the dreaded Ogre Wars, and sealed as a precaution. Secretly reawakened by a dark force, the nightmares brewing at the tower's pinnacle are too much for mortal minds.

The Golden Cathedral Battle Map

High among the heavenly snow-laced mountains of the Imperium Peaks’ floating golden ring cities hovers the Lux capital city of Mor’eth. The ancient crown jewel of this sacred city was once a reverent place of worship to El Shaddai, but has become morally tarnished by the greed of its leadership, and is now known as the “Golden Cathedral". What dark forces could be lurking behind such opulence?

Den of Thieves Battle Map

Need a stealthy hand to do your clandestine bidding? The sprawling cellar of the abandoned Rusty Sprocket Inn may conceal just who you are looking for. Found on no official map, but frequented by agents of espionage passing through the grimy Steampunk City of Protencio, the secrets whispered in these dark halls could topple kingdoms… or raise YOUR new empire…

Gladiator Arena Battle Map

Many heroes and warlords alike have fallen trying to prove themselves in the Fer’juul Arena. Carved out of the ruthless Rocklands, this savage ring of dominance tests the triumphant before roaring crowds who demand only the strongest lead them. Will you fall into the dust of defeat like so many others, or will you rise to the roar of victory your heart craves?

Steampunk City Battle Map

The bustling steampunk manufacturing City of Protencio crackles with literal energy as competing titans of industry aggressively push the nascent boundaries of volatile technology. More concerned with profit than people, their pollution oozes outward, choking their neighbors inhabiting Grimuck Swamp. Can progress be made without consequence?

Jungle Cave Battle Map

The civil war that rages between the “Pardus” snow leopard tribe, and the “Viribus” tiger tribe they betrayed has caused much bloodshed in the Pore’hu jungle. Some of the most mortally wounded seek out the mythical healing living waters that spring forth from the Darkfang mountains. Is the thin hope of healing worth the perilous journey?

Molten Bridge Battle Map

The legendary “Ignium Span” flaming bridge is said to be able to test the purity of intent of those who seek to cross. Guarded by the hot tempered Ignium Dwarves of the Molten Reaver Heights, many an adventurer has been ignited in an instant, vaporized by their own prideful motives. Is your intent pure enough to survive the flame?

Lost Sand Temple Battle Map

The exotic Caelum Sha elves of the Hōti Desert have carved a thriving culture out of the scalding desolate sands. In memory of those fallen in an ancient war, they built the towering "Obelisk of the Lost" to honor heroes passed. Erected on a ley line of arcane energies, how long until the latent power there is harnessed for maleficent schemes?

Sea Pirate Battle Map

Captain Tumult Virile once known for his ferocity on the high seas now serves a higher cause, yet sometimes on the open ocean enemies from his past return like a fierce tide! Enjoy this map in your own campaign and determine if your ship is to be triumphant, or will you and your crew be consigned to the dark briny deep below!?