Tourist In Terrath




Can Bob survive the dangerous fantasy world of Terrath?

Join him on his journey and find out now!

"Pulled through a portal to a fantasy land, Bob from earth is an every man, trying to get home before he gets killed, join our hero Bob for a weekly thrill!"




Ep1: "The Princess and the Bob"

Ep2: "Gator Man Wisdom"

Ep3: "Steampunk Shieldmaster"

Ep4: "Angry Cat Warchief"

Ep5: "Treetop Tiger Vinelord"

Ep6: "Desert Dragon Delirium"

Ep7: "Elvish Oasis Elixir"

Ep8: "Elf Archer Ally!"

Ep9: "Orc Warlord Ordeal!"

Ep10: Pirate Prison Break!"

Ep11: Divine Dragon Destiny!

Ep12: Con Man Coin Master!

Ep13: Wise Owl Wisdom!

Ep14: Molten Reaver Priest!

Ep15: Arcane Elf Mischief!

Ep16: Troll Warlord Trouble!

Ep17: Cat Assassin Assistance!

Ep18: High Elf Priestess Aid!

Ep19: Demonic Dragon Doom!


The Heroes of Providence Eternal

Join your intrepid band of strangers, bound together in a desperate chase to uncover the mystery behind your beloved friend’s ominous abduction! 

Explore the vast, breathtaking, dangerous world of Terrath, and face threats too great to stand against alone! Begin your journey now!


Armando Boudreaux

A boisterous human titan from the steampunk City of Protencio, Armando craves action! Whether shielding his allies in the frontline of battle, or treating the whole pub to a round on him, this tall dashing warrior exudes charm and bravado. 

Revived from near death by Sister Ari, he is driven to keep his honorable oaths, marking his deeds upon his weapon’s long azure ribbon.  With a mysterious connection to the Sunken Empire of Si’rena, he travels the world driven to shield the weak and exact justice upon tyrants.

Leo Kin Velox 

A cunning feline Leenon rogue, born of the Pardus tribe in the Pore'hu jungle, Leo Kin Velox disappeared as an infant under mysterious circumstances. Having no memory of his family, he was raised by pirates, and eventually recruited by a secret sect of espionage and shadows.

With a prosthetic arcane arm crafted by Sister Ari, keen eyes, and sharp blades, he has a heart to fiercely defend the persecuted, and make evil fear the shadows.

Sagitta Aliyeesa "Eesa" Chur

A keen elven survivalist adopted by the shapeshifting Hemanawa tribes of the Whispering Plains, Eesa explores the beauty of the wilds with her beloved singing kestrel “Rhyn”. 

Strong, playful, and a gifted linguist, she veils the mysterious marking upon her face from threatening eyes that may know its true meaning. She yearns to bring light and life to the world, while protecting the innocent from the ever-encroaching evils of the realm.

"Vee" (Full Name Unknown)

A devout Molten Reaver priest of the Old Ways, born in the subterranean kingdom deep under the volcanoes of the north, Vee was raised by his mother to value knowledge. His stone skin and sharp fangs suit his life honoring the Forge, as he has sworn to never remove his sacred armor above the surface. 

Quiet and reserved, a gifted miner and knitter, he has sworn paternal care of the mysterious young elf Kozz, hoping to protect him from the dangers of the suspicious surface dwellers, as he tries to uncover the mystery of his own beloved father’s disappearance.

"Kozz" (Full Name Unknown)

An enigmatic High Elf arcanist, young “Kozz” hails from the Ver’delf Forest. After the elves became infected by a mysterious fungal plague erupting from the Scar of Dol'or, killing nearly all the adults, Kozz was befriended by “Vee”, a Molten Reaver priest whose people bear the guilt of the disaster. 

Childlike and optimistic, while Kozz yearns to boldly explore this vast dangerous world, the wise Vee advises cautious restraint, as there is far more to this arcanist than meets the eye.


The Almighty El Shaddai

The Omnipotent Creator, El Shaddai is known by many names among the peoples of Terrath. A timeless being of infinite wisdom and benevolence, He desired to share His many gifts with creations who could choose a relationship with Him. To do so, He created the physical universe with righteous arcane energies, and brought order to the Cosmos. He crafted Body, Soul, and Spirit, and shaped them into living beings brimming with hope, and free will. 

After ages of perfect communion with His creations, an ancient malevolence whispered lies to His children, deceiving them, and severing the immortal Spirit connection they once shared. A promise was made that He would make a way to restore that connection, a promise that prophecies whisper may yet soon be fulfilled …

Bill’jo Dilly

An affable reptilian Muckslinger, Bill’jo Dilly is the beloved grandpa of the Croko’dilly tribe in the Grimuck Swamp. Proud champion of the Grimuck Fishing Tournament four and a half times, he is always ready to spin you up a tall tale of his misbegotten angling adventures, while his sassy wife “Mama Cookie” serves you up a spicy bowl of her world famous “Glowin’ Arcane Gumbo”! 

Blessed with the ability to move water with his mind, and concerned over the sludge starting to pour into his bayou downriver from the neighboring steampunk manufacturing City of Protencio, Bill’jo seeks to change the hearts of those polluting his home, to protect the futures of the grandbabies he loves.

Warchief Drek'thon

A ruthless warchief born of the Pardus tribe in the Pore’hu jungle, Drek’thon was raised in darkness. As a cub his parents died of a mysterious malady that knew no cure. He clawed his way through the jagged crags of Darkfang Mountain only to discover the fabled healing “Fount of Living Waters” too late to save his family. 

Blaming the ‘Lifegiver’ for this cruel tragedy, he fell in league with the most treacherous of the Pardus tribe, and was one of the first to accept “the Mark” from an ominous power that promised salvation in his tribe’s weakest moment. Physically strengthened by the bargain, yet further fallen from sanity, he and his tribe have sworn vengeance upon the holistic Ngahere pygmy peoples, and all other feline Leenon tribes for abandoning them in their time of most dire need.


A compassionate pygmy elder, Ta’Pana pours her big soul into healing the world. After her ancient people’s escape from the cataclysm that turned their lush paradise into the Salt Hives, Ta’pana serves as one of the four ruling elders of her small Ngahere tribe. Now living in huts high in the towering treetops of the exotic Pore’hu jungle, her people welcome yearning pilgrims from around the world, teaching them the ways of healing mind, body, soul, and land, while gifting them unique understanding of cultivating the earth and growing the most rare plants in Terrath. 

Naturally a peaceful and vulnerable tribe, the Ngahere are protected by the fierce Lenon tiger “Vinelords”, who owe her people a great debt for an ancient act of goodwill. While she has seen the darkest evils of the world, she passionately nourishes all she touches, and is the warm ray of light you need to help you blossom.

Commander Vul’rok

A ruthless feline Leenon warrior, Commander Vul’rok leads the Vinelords of the Pore’hu jungle. Raised as a child during the time of The Betrayal, he remains deeply suspicious of any Pardus snow leopard tribesmen he sees, tortured daily with nightmares of his childhood village burning. During his adolescent ‘Hunt of Passage’, he defeated a 50ft dreadasaur using only his claws and rage; and flaunts the beast’s mighty fang as his spear tip to this day. 

High in the towering treetops, he is sworn to protect the vulnerable pygmy Ngahere tribe, to whom all Leenon owe a great debt for an ancient act of goodwill. Vul’rok was trained by Ta’pana’s people to control vines with his mind, for war and conveyance. Still struggling to control his rage, he trains fervently for inner peace, while burdened as the only line of defense between the precious healers the world needs, and the savage terrors of the jungle floor below, with a dark, threatening world beyond.

Fallen Paragon Luxian

Luxian, the father of Malrath, is the Paragon of Spirit and manifestation of creation, the most innovative of the three Radiant Paragons. After El Shaddai created the Cosmos, He breathed Body, Soul and Spirit into existence, three ideals of pure righteousness who took the forms of mighty dragons. 

Charged with wielding holy arcane energy to enrich the boundaries of creation, Luxian pushed beyond his calling, into selfish pride. Igniting the Cosmic War against his Father, the defeated Luxian and his exiled legions remain determined to corrupt and destroy creation for all eternity.

Agent Sef Notitia

A skilled elven operative, agent Sef Notitia is a well-connected informant with a turbulent past. A Caelum Sha elf born in the Hōti Desert and orphaned by northern centaur marauders, this wandering child became entangled serving in a “Nameless” league of espionage and assassination.

A fortuitous meeting with Father Geno inspired Sef to repentance, and after attempting a life of priestly piety, he chose to apply his talents as an “Eye of Sa’nubis”, providing intelligence to righteous causes. Now fronting as a genuinely skilled blacksmith trained at the Biblia Lumen, he attempts to protect his beloved wife Koria, and his cherished daughter June from the shadows that once haunted him.

Koria Notitia

A masterful elven connoisseuse, Koria was born near the Hōti Desert’s mythically pure Alha’ya Oasis, and thus exposed early in life to the most pristine of ingredients. As her mother Nevaeh inspired her budding culinary passions, the sassy and assertive Koria quickly gained great renown for her skills. She ascended to the position of Chef de Cuisine of the royal House Hannu, and cup bearer of Queen Phayta DeRa herself, celebrated realm-wide. 

Presiding over a royal feast targeted by two rival bands of “Nameless” assassins, she saved her queen’s life only to discover vile court corruption. In the chaos, she was secreted away by Sef, one of the assassins who spared her from becoming tragic collateral damage of the strike. Both betrayed by their sides, they fled their old lives together to create a new one. Now, they attempt to unite two fractured houses from the shadows, while raising their young daughter June, a child of two worlds.

June Notitia

An exuberant Caelum Sha elf, young June exudes the hope of a new generation. Born of her father, ex-assassin Sef, and her regal connoisseur mother Koria, June has been raised in a home regularly trafficked by classified secrets, and heroes of espionage. While her parents have done their best to shield her from the complex workings of global intelligence subterfuge, she has gained a keen eye for observation, a sharp wit, and bravery far beyond her years. 

When she and her mother traveled north to offer food and aid to the desert tribes ravaged by famine, her caravan was attacked by marauding centaurs. Separated from her mother in the sandstorm, she was saved by the Ver'delven priestess Sister Ari, only to bare witness to her rescuer's own sudden abduction by dark forces. The child of two worlds, June hopes to grow as compassionate as her mother, and as cunning as her father, as she efforts to bring hope to a world wreathed in shadow.

Captain Tumult Virile

A dashing privateer captain, Captain Tumult Virile was born for the high seas! Having rarely met his prolific father, and raised by a mother whose heart belonged to the Ocean of Stars, poor young Tumult yearned to distinguish himself before being lost among his brood of twelve siblings. He began life swabbing filthy ship decks of the pirate lords of Brigand's Bay. Bravely saving the life of his captain by slaying a mighty sea monster using only a fork, Tumult was promoted to first mate, and eventually leader of a pirate fleet, exploring Terrath and becoming a maritime legend. 

After a vengeful rival captain nearly ended Tumult's life, a fortuitous meeting with Father Geno opened his eyes to a new way of life, and he replaced his flag of piracy with the Jolliest of Rogers. He now cuts a fresh path through the open ocean, baring blade and grin in equal measure, always ready for the next daring adventure!

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Radiant Paragon Guntius

The Paragon of Soul, Guntius is the manifestation of wisdom, the wisest of the three Radiant Paragons. After El Shaddai created the Cosmos, He breathed Body, Soul and Spirit into existence, three ideals of pure righteousness who took the forms of mighty dragons. 

Charged with being the keeper of Truth, and the messenger of El Shaddai to the dark emptiness of the cosmos, Guntius’ words fell upon deaf ears when his brother Luxian rebelled. Guntius and his legions sided with Righteousness in the cosmic war that expelled Luxian. As he mourns the fall of his brother, he is determined to speak renewed truth to all who need hope.

Coinmaster Menides

A greedy Lux bureaucrat, Coinmaster Menides controls the Imperium treasury. Pompous, opulent, and elitist, he is largely responsible for hastening the corruption of Lux culture, profiteering from hollow religious rituals and mandating strangling taxes on its honest people. 

Worshiping money over truth, he was instrumental in convincing the High Feather to exile Father Geno, inadvertently lighting the fuse of the Imperium Revolution. Hungry for power and prestige, he quietly saps the lifeblood of the Lux people for personal gain and would rather lord over a decaying culture than see his veiled scandals and secret allegiances come to light.

Father Geno

A wise Lux revolutionary, this devout priest was the leader of one of the seven High Cities of the Imperium Peaks. Disgusted by the corrupt dogma poisoning the faith, he painted the sky with golden words of light, criticizing the doctrinal failures of the High Priests. Enraged by his rebellion, the Imperium launched an attack upon his city, killing his beloved wife Amaris. 

With a heavy heart, Father Geno led a successful revolution, tearing the top of his mountain free from the grasp of the Lux Imperium, and moving it to found the floating free Arcane City of Sa’nubis. Warm, jovial, and incredibly powerful, Father Geno will see the best in you, and make it radiant.

High Warlord Grokk Skullcrusher

A brutal troll warlord, High Warlord Grokk Skullcrusher rules the harsh Fer’juul Rocklands with an iron fist. A weakling child discarded by his tribe; he clawed his way up through merciless dominance in the Fer’juul Arena. Finally besting High Warlord Gorn Sledgescar, Grokk claimed ultimate power over the scattered tribes, his neck chain of conquered signet rings boasting his status as reigning champion ever since. 

Once impressed by the fierce Uzuri who evenly matched him in combat, iron sharpening iron with each strike, he humbly offered her his signet ring to bind with her, and she offered hers in return. Desperate to protect the bride he passionately loves, and their only son Utundu, his hope for the future, he roars defiance against the encroaching ogres, dwarves, elves who threaten his people’s extinction.

Sister Ari

A passionate high elf rebel, Sister Ari was one of the few adults to survive the infectious plague that erupted from the Scar of Dol’or, devastating her Ver’delven people. Horrified by her rulers’ attempts to bolster their depleted military by weaponizing their children, she was exiled for her secret efforts to smuggle younglings to freedom. Dejected and alone, Ari sought refuge in the freshly founded Arcane City of Sa’nubus. 

Heartbroken seeing so many orphans of parents killed in war, she poured her heart into founding the House of E'spris orphanage to bring hope to the most desperate. Taken under the literal wing of Father Geno, scarred yet determined, she travels the world seeking out warzones to rescue the innocent caught in chaos, and attempt to grasp life from the jaws of death.


Radiant Paragon Mellator

The Paragon of Body, Mellator is the manifestation of strength, the mightiest of the three Radiant Paragons. After El Shaddai created the Cosmos, He breathed Body, Soul and Spirit into existence, three ideals of pure righteousness who took the forms of mighty dragons. 

Charged with commanding the armies of El Shaddai against the chaotic forces of Entropy, Mellator’s legions defeated his rebellious brother Luxian in The Cosmic War. Being close to his brother, Luxian’s betrayal affected Mellator personally, and he fights on the front lines in a raging spiritual battle, protecting against the dark machinations of his fallen brother to this day...

Sacris Neh'Tal

A vigilant Lux commander, this avian veteran was forged in war. When his parents were brutally slain in the Siege of the Spires, he was burdened to raise his younger brothers alone. Determined to serve, he rose in the ranks to Supreme Commander of the Lux Imperium forces. 

Repulsed by the dogmatic corruption he saw poisoning his culture, he sided with Father Geno in the Imperium Revolution, and shielded him through the founding of the floating free Arcane City of Sa’nubis. Brilliant, calculating and gruff, he hides his deep wounds of body and soul to protect what little light he sees left in the world.

"Softie" (Softfist Cragstomp)

An affable ogre mercenary, this 12-ft tall goliath has fists of steel, but a heart of gold. Born to the Petram ogre clan in the southern Ver’delf forest, Softfist Cragstomp was the shy runt of his family, more interested in the harmonica than raiding northern elven lands. When a mysterious plague afflicted his mother and poor family, he set out to travel the world and buy a cure. Desperate for money, he wrestled in the Fer’juul Arena, and was scouted to join Captain Deatheye’s pirate crew as an anvilfist enforcer. A fortuitous battle on the high seas against heroic adventurers softened his heart, and he joined Captain Tumult’s privateering crew sailing the seas for righteous causes. Will you help him find a cure before it is too late?

Sanctus Neh'Tal

A conflicted Lux captain, Sanctus has always lived in the shadows of greatness. The youngest son of parents brutally slain in the Siege of the Spires months after his birth, he was the only child to never truly know his family. Desperate to emulate his oldest brother Sacris, the only father figure he ever knew, he joined the military. 

Frustrated by only being granted ceremonial roles, he withered behind Sacris’ celebrated career of commanding armies to victory. Feeling betrayed by Sacris defecting with Father Geno in the Imperium Revolution, Sanctus feels abandoned by his hero, and struggles to hold together what is left of his decaying culture.

Lieutenant Gunder

A seething Ignium dwarf warrior, Lieutenant Gunder dutifully guards the Ignium Span, an ancient mystical molten bridge, and the only way across the fabled River of Flame. Driven by his rage for the neighboring Molten Reavers residing deep beneath the volcanoes, he rues the day the Reavers won their freedom from slavery under his people. 

Charged with interrogating anyone attempting to pass between the Sa’nubis Plains and the Fer’juul Rocklands, he yields his prejudice to the judgement of the mysterious bridge, that weighs the purity of intent of those who attempt to cross. Loyal to his people, yet quick to judge, his fiery temper may yet consume him.

Viria Soll

A devout Pact'um Priest, Viria was born to a poor farming family west of the Pact’um Monastery. In her youth she became enamored by the devout faith of the priests she regularly delivered produce to in the monastery, and through them learned to read, and opened her eyes to the power of the Divine. 

She was nominated to continue her advanced training in the freshly founded floating Arcane City of Sa’nubis, and quickly befriended Sister Ari, who introduced her to the ambitious young arcanist Iricon Soll. Attracted to his passionate strength of mind, yet moved by his damaged heart and body, she invested in healing him, and the two fell in love and were married by Father Geno. Their Daughter Anza would soon fill their hearts, and Viria smiles imagining a future of Anza following in her footsteps of healing the world.

Anza Soll

A cheerful acolyte prodigy, Anza Soll was born in the floating Arcane City of Sa'Nubis to the prestigious professor of the arcane Iricon, and the devout priestess Viria. Inspired by her mother's heart to heal, and her father's tactical mind, she impressed the Priestly Order with her faith and intellect. 

At just 13, Anza was the youngest child to ever be accepted into the Order, and was given a Sacred Ribbon of Blessing by her mother upon celebrating the good news. Anza and her beloved elven "auntie" Ari often sing beautiful songs for family and guests in the evenings, and Anza is excited to join Ari on her first mission of healing to the west soon...

High Arcanist Iricon Soll

A tormented luminary, High Arcanist Iricon Soll was the shining light of Sa'nubis intellectuals. Born to Lord Maltio, a prestigious general of the Guilded Bay, young Iricon's dreams of proving himself as a knight were dashed by an crippling leg injury. Having brought shame to his family name, he desperately poured himself into studies, unable to impress his implacable father.

Upon hearing whispers of a place of free thinkers who welcomed the dejected, he ran away from home and found solace in the freshly established soaring Arcane City of Sa'nubis, where he rose to great prominence as a professor of the arcane, and military tactician. Warmed by her radiant optimism, he fell in love with and married his beloved Viria. Having finally grown the family his heart craved, his dreams were shattered when fatal tragedy befell both his wife and his young daughter Anza. Devastated, he disappeared from the city, and has never been heard from since.

High Chieftain Wulv’gar

A nomadic shapeshifter, High Chieftain Wulv’gar guides the twelve animal-shifting tribes of the Hemanawa with wisdom and strength. As a child, born son of the wolf tribe’s chieftain, his wild nature drove him and his twin sister north to explore the Golden Hills, where a savage lion attacked, leaving him for dead. He awoke mortally scarred with no sign of his sister, and a kind stranger Nila fervently tending his wounds. 

Ashamed of his failure, through strenuous rites of passage he proved himself and became Chieftain upon his father’s passing. Falling in love with the woman who revived him, he and Nila’s two daughters welcomed an adopted third when Ta’pana brought to them in need, Eesa, a young, orphaned elf. Now, as the ominous shadows of the Scaled Spires cast down upon his plains, Wulv’gar strives to prepare his tribes for the dangers on the horizon.

Runeking Skorn

The coldhearted Jarl of the far north Runeking clan, Skorn’s soul is burdened by the curse that entombed his wife and children in ice. He commands his legions of rune-empowered flying longships to raid the Frozen Wastes of Odi’am, seeking a power source mighty enough to free his family. 

Skin etched with the ancient runes of stored arcane energy, his tall clan battles for control of the frigid tundra, as savage frost giants threaten his borders, enigmatic polar bear tribes erode his grip, and mysterious Kyrval shieldmaidens stand against his tyranny. Will he fail under the might of the growing rebellions, or grow powerful enough to free his family?


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